A Declaration and Commitment To Do More

We are outraged by the recent killings of black Americans at the hands of police, and ashamed that it’s 2020 and our country still hasn’t learned to value the safety and dignity of all of its citizens. We acknowledge the immense work ahead of us, individually and collectively, to dismantle the systems of racism and violence embedded in our political, economic, and social lives. We believe, unequivocally, that black lives matter.


The Taylor Group is a small enterprise, but we have always believed in the power of business to affect positive change. We intend to engage in the hard work ahead of us to ensure that our business includes diverse voices, challenges historic inequalities, and encourages the flourishing of every human being. In that spirit, we are taking some immediate actions that we hope will promote inclusivity and justice, and committing to listening and learning in an ongoing dialogue with all the members of our community. The first steps in that journey are:


  • Reviewing our candidate search and hiring policies to make sure we are doing the utmost to reach and provide opportunities to historically underserved groups
  • ….and doing the same with our vendor and client partners
  • Creating resources to educate our staff about issues of racial justice, and identifying opportunities for them to listen and learn
  • Use our existing Volunteer PTO benefit policy for working on racial justice and related issues.
  • Become anti-racist both individually and collectively, and include that in our coaching, our courses and programs, and our strategic business work.
  • Join with other businesses in the Portland Metro area to become Allies for Change.


We are embracing this moment as an invitation is to dive into the discomfort of confronting racism in our private and public lives, to step up and speak up in all the ways we can, to no longer tolerate or step over people being discriminated against, violated, and killed for the color of their skin.


As a collective we are listening, and learning and willing to stand for the radical changes needed. We are choosing love. In that spirit, we reshare a piece written by our founder, updated for the current reality we live in, and the calling forth the new one that must be created.