Basics For Innovative Leadership: Spring 2018


Basics for Innovative Leadership is the Taylor Group’s introductory experience for people who want to powerfully upgrade their leadership and communication skills, in all areas of life.

This program is all about giving you access to your best self. Basics for Innovative Leadership focuses on the methods and habits of mind that allow you to make bold choices in your life, and manage the things that distract you from your path.  Whether it’s business, family, or another area of your life you want to work on, this course will help you show up as an innovative leader everywhere. Practical and experientially-focused, we use both 1-on-1 and group sessions with experienced coaches, allowing you to practice resolving real-life concerns. We begin with an initial group session to outline the foundational concepts, then participants do individual work with a coach to establish their individual goals.  From there, five more group sessions allow you to practice with other committed learners in achieving those goals. The end result is the opportunity to guide the direction of your life as a powerful leader. If you’re interested in exploring your potential as a leader, talk to us about joining the kickoff for this course on May 3!