Basics for Innovative Leadership: Summer 2017

Basics for Innovative Leadership is the Taylor Group’s newest course, just created in the past year. We’ve integrated the most current learning in personal development with our deep experience in business coaching. The result is an expertly designed course that accelerates the progress of up-and-coming leaders towards mastery of their skills. Its an accessible, introductory course that has proven successful for both individuals and management teams in achieving goals and overcoming barriers.

It starts with the participant looking inwards, examining their communication style, relationship to managers and direct reports, roadblocks to their results, and all the unconscious assumptions we tend to operate from when managing both our own workload and the productivity of others. Gaining a better understanding of oneself is the key first step in being able to make conscious decisions that empower effective action. As two recent participants put it:

I have grown far more than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. I have had many challenges that I have faced since starting this course both from work and at home. I have gained a deeper understanding of the person I am and what I am capable of. I have insight now on how I can improve the quality of work and productivity here at my store.”


“As a young manager, my biggest struggles are figuring out the right approaches when it comes to disciplinary situations and effectively communicating under pressure. Before the start of the course these struggles were immense factors of my overall performance as a vocal leader. This leadership course has taught me valuable exercises to use when I encounter these struggles which have helped me in recent situations.”

In addition to exploring their own communication and management styles, participants also declare upfront their ROI for attending, often with a work product that is ready for implementation when the course ends. Our coaches support them throughout in achieving these results, integrating tactical business coaching into the overall body of work.

We’ve found that the group format is the perfect setting to work on the critical skills for leading small teams. Aspiring leaders get to immediately utilize the tools we provide them in the classroom, practice their communication, integrate diverse viewpoints and get direct feedback. Many of our clients have leveraged this format by sending teams of managers, resulting in a powerful cadre of company leaders ready to accelerate their company’s results and growth.

We’re very excited to offer Basics for Innovative Leadership again on July 18. The course is filling up fast, but we would love to have you or your business join a summer series that is sure to be full of major leadership growth and big results for your business. Contact us today for more information on how to be a part of it!