Sustained Energy 106: Champion Team Paddling

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

-Michael Jordan


When you begin your journey with Outrigger or Dragon Boat paddling, you take your oneness with nature to the next level. You connect with every other paddler’s strengths and weaknesses. You invest in building a community with those in your vessel. You learn how to co-create and work with others. Victory in team paddling is not found in being a champion on a team, but rather becoming a Champion Team. In Sustained Energy 104: Paddling, we discussed how to connect with the eternal energy source known as Nature and how to empower the individual paddler. When you join a team, practicing oneness with your surroundings is essential in building a similar synchronicity with a crew. In this blog, we will discuss moving a champion into a Champion Team and how to become one with your vessel’s community.


In paddling, as in every other field, Champion Teams change the world by standing for each other. Before even stepping into the vessel, it is essential to be clear on your intention, focus, and contribution to the team. We all know our individual “why”, but declaring this both individually and as a group will help the entire crew step into their role from the whole. Once clear, we then are able to adjust our body and technique based on team need. Working as a team has been proven to not only increase happiness and self-identity, but also improves an individual’s motivation levels as well. By being a part of a community with the same goal, you’ll find people who have the expertise and skills in areas where you may lack. By leveraging these strengths, you will leverage the power of community. What this community will provide, more than anything else, is a support network of people who are going through the exact same journey as you. Even if all members are at different stages of this journey, they’ll understand what it is you’re going through and be able to give you the support you need to move through whatever it is you’re hitting. By having individuals stand with you and for you, you’ll find the oneness necessary to becoming a Champion Team.


Team Paddling is an excellent way to connect with a community and build natural, sustained energy. Are you ready to experience its benefits? Our Vitality Coach, Lori Jorgenson, was the 1st Pacific Northwest Champion Paddler at the 2004 World Sprints and has been on her own paddling journey since 1999, continuing to compete locally and all over the world. Lori  utilizes decades of coaching to train you in engaging mind, body, spirit, and heart to win whatever race you are trying to win. Lori is offering the Pacific Northwest a Paddling Clinic on Saturday, October 12 from 12:00pm-4:15pm in Seattle, WA to support individuals in achieving performance paddling goals by utilizing:


  • Championship experience
  • Intensive personal training
  • Mindset coaching
  • Attention to a person’s overall vitality (whole-person approach)
  • Efficient stroke mechanics of paddling


If you’re interested in joining this unique opportunity to take your paddling to the Championship level and build your community, contact us for more information.