Cultivating Freedom: Summer 2018

Move out of the past, create new ways of being from the future, and continually generate freedom for yourself.

Observing is not a passive activity. Our way of being and observing is a dynamic, active process that shapes what constitutes ‘the world’ for us. What we do, and how we do it, influences the outcomes of the myriad situations we find ourselves in every day.

Each of us has a deeply ingrained way of being, the result of a lifetime of experiences. It can be mostly invisible to us, operating beneath the surface of our daily existence. It has the power to run our lives, and shape how we perceive and respond to situations. Our own way of being silently and invisibly informs how we observe and engage with the world.

These deep habits of mind can work for us, or against us, as we continually seek to build a life that is meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Recognizing and understanding this dynamic is a key existential issue that relates to the human soul and spirit. Deep and sustainable change is possible, and stems from intentional shifts in our way of being.

In this course, we will distinguish and shift your internal Observer, so that a different way of being can emerge, and generate new ways of observing the world which, in turn,  will change your habits and practices. This course will help you discover and expand your own ways of being, and support you to generate the freedom that comes with that discovery. We hope you’ll join us for the launch of this rich new body of work on July 12.