Fall 2016: Basics For Innovative Leadership

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Basics for Innovative Leadership is the Taylor Group’s introductory experience for people who want to powerfully upgrade their leadership and communication skills.


Leaders in today’s world recognize that committing to lifelong learning is no longer an option. This program develops essential leadership skills through the most effective method there is: practice. Basics for Innovative Leadership establishes the building blocks that every innovative leader needs, and gives you new insights into methods and habits of mind that create more impactful communication. Practical and experientially-focused, this course is a dynamic mix of individual and group sessions, allowing you to work on resolving real-life concerns. The end result is the opportunity to show up powerfully as a leader, in all areas of your life.


It begins with a series of 3 one-on-one sessions with a Taylor Group coach, in order to establish the body of work and make sure the participant gets the most out of the course. This type of intensive individual preparation before full course sessions is a new innovation in the Taylor Group’s work, driven by our latest research into the most effective ways to create rapid skills development.


The group sessions then build on this foundation of individual work, by providing  an experientially-focused venue in which participants will  work through their issues, challenges and concerns in dialogue and practice together.  We will offer new skills, new sensibilities in this dialogue so that participants have a new relationship with the common building blocks of leadership:  communication, relationship and collaboration. Participants will have installed the beginning of a new personal operating system with immediate applicability.


Basics for Innovative Leadership is an original, innovative offering that we are very excited to launch this fall. For a conversation about how it might serve you or your organization, reach out to us today!