Fall 2016: Navigating Change & Curating Self

2016 Dino Reichmuth

Navigating Change & Curating Self is the first of our new offerings in the area of Vertical Development; allowing for love, healing, and preparing yourself to accept change and thrive in the face of it.


According to Ray Kurzweil, between 2015-2022, we human beings will experience a magnitude of change that is greater than the entire 20th century. Even if we experience only a fraction of that, it still has us pause to ask….who would I need to be to navigate that kind of change? What would I need to know, and how would I support my family, my colleagues, my Self? What techniques do I use to curate the self who will be able to do all of that?


This program begins the journey to answering those questions. The first step in that journey is accepting that the changes we have begun to experience are not going away. For many people, this knowledge is difficult, even distressing to accept. Many retreat to the familiar and to nostalgia, trying to rebuild the past, as the tide of the future rushes in around them. Much of this happens unconsciously, and takes effort and presence of mind to even acknowledge in the first place.


Once we’ve done the work of acknowledging and accepting the changes in the world around us, a new way to respond presents itself. Obstacles and challenges in your life become opportunities to reveal who you truly are, and then act in the world in a way that advances causes and beliefs that matter to you. This course is about actively and consciously bringing forth values from your heart, so that your response to changes in your life and the world are conscious actions that create the future you want.


If you’re ready to upgrade your notion of yourself, and start having the conversations you’re meant to have, this body of work will speak to you. Navigating Change & Curating Self is about opening up a whole-person development plan, and responding creatively and positively in the face of change. If you’re ready to design your future, reach out to us for a deeper conversation.