Julian joined the Taylor Group in 2016, following service in the military, and education in business marketing, economics, and political science. He also has experience working in the fields of mindfulness and massage therapy, and is a certified Neurofeedback trainer. All of this informs his desire to create a shift in business practices, along with the new mindset to move these practices forward.

My Approach

I work to make clients comfortable, and remind them that with the proper mindset and goals, anything is attainable.

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My favorite client story

I had a client come in to move deep physical afflictions she was suffering her entire life, due to emotional and physical trauma. After a few neurofeedback sessions with me, I completely alleviated her mind, body, and soul.

What's My More?

My more is being present, empathic, and graceful in life. Helping others discover what their more is, and how to attain it for themself.