With a background in international affairs communications, medical science writing, and underground journalism, Kate has a lifelong commitment to bringing people together with factual, objective information that they can use to improve their lives and the world.

As a business development coach at the Taylor Group, she builds on this experience every day, helping her clients uncover the insights they need to build the businesses—and lives—of their dreams.

My Areas of Practice

I focus on business development, which includes helping business owners craft their organizations, business model development and business owner group work. One of the things that I really love about working here is that I am part of an incredible team, and I draw on that to create the program that really gets at each client’s specific needs.

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My approach

People sometimes think that you have to suffer to be successful. I think the opposite is true. I help my clients realize that we can’t fix the past, but we do create the future with everything we say and do. I love that as a business coach at the Taylor Group I’m able to help people have a richer life at all levels. That choice, business or family, it’s not a choice we really have to make. We can—and should—build both.

What's my more?

More people discovering what's truly available to them. More people having their deepest and best impact on the world. More fulfillment—for myself and others. It's waking up each day knowing that I'm making more of a difference in the world.