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Cultivating Freedom

A new workshop series

What if you could live 2024 from a place of freedom? You could consistently be recharged, resilient with vitality for what matters to you. You could clarify your vision, no longer constrained by past thinking, and become confident as you move in new directions.

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We invite you to participate in Cultivating Freedom, where you design new ways of thinking, being and doing for a future that’s calling you.

Free Yourself From Historical Habits of Mind

We all have habits that operate without conscious thought on our part. These habits drive our perceptions and responses to our world, and how we respond to our colleagues and those closest to us. This course is designed to help you build awareness of those habits, and access new choices in how you engage with the world.

Respond in new ways to challenging situations

Letting go of habitual thinking, and shifting the focus of your awareness allows you to experience a newfound freedom. New worlds with new possibilities will emerge.

This newly developed awareness of the thinking behind your thinking, leads to new possibilities for self, loved ones, and your professional life. As you engage in the new learning and practices, you’ll begin to recognize your own perspective as well as other’s perspectives, leading to more flexibility, creativity, and resilience in all areas of your life.

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Course Process

  • We work in a small, intimate group over 7 weeks with exploration, exercises, sharing our learning both individually and with the group
  • After our initial group session, there will be an individual 1:1 session with a course leader
  • In subsequent weeks, we’ll practice using simple and effective techniques that anyone can use

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What past attendees say

“The overall work of the course allowed me to find an inner peace which translates across my life”
Maren Oslac Executive Awareness Coach and Co-Founder of the Soulful Leader Project

Commonly Asked Questions

Why this course, why now?

Our attention is a commodity. There is an onslaught of information coming at us daily about how to live, work and relate to one another. What if you could consciously develop your own inner compass navigating life with less stress and more joy?

Who is this for?

Do you have recurring situations or relationships that leave you feeling disempowered or trapped in old patterns of behavior? Is there a sense that you are missing out on opportunities to have more meaning and joy in your life?

You can unlock the power of authentic choice and embrace freedom. If you are up for a journey of self-discovery to develop more self trust, enabling you to break free from limiting cycles, and create new possibilities for yourself and your future, then join us.

What will I learn?
  • How to observe yourself in any situation, and have choice
  • How to put your reactivity in the passenger seat.
  • Simple techniques you can engage in the moment to open up space and possibilities.
  • A mapping practice designed to disrupt your auto pilot and ground you in the present moment.

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