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Meet Beth Brewer
from Burgerville

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How do you beat the big guys at their own game? Well, if you're Burgerville you just change the rules. Instead of trying to cut corners to keep up with the competition, Burgerville grew by investing in local agriculture, sustainable practices and a commitment to employees that only gets stronger when times get tough.

Meet Beth

Meet Holland America's
Mark Kammerer

More Change

Mark Kammerer oversees sales for U.K., The Netherlands, and Australia, as well as Holland America Line and Seabourn's growing international business. When Mark first came to The Taylor Group, he had a strong career in the travel industry, but he knew he had more to offer the world, both professionally and personally.

Meet Mark

Meet Paul and John
from Opes Advisors

More Grounded

John & Paul have been partners since 1998. As bank managers and financial advisors, they've weathered some serious challenges along the way—including the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. How have they managed to thrive through all of that uncertainty? If you ask them, it has a lot to do with transparent professional relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Meet John and Paul

Meet Laura Amiton,
owner of Healthy Pets Northwest on Alberta and The Filling Station

More Connection

Laura Amiton asked the Taylor Group to help her explore a new business idea. Laura not only developed a clear business plan to take her idea to market, but she also dramatically improved communications with her existing team.

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