40 Day Vitality Challenge

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We don’t usually associate November and December with ‘wellbeing’.  Shorter days, colder weather, and a succession of holidays revolving around consuming one thing or another can pose a challenge to healthy habits that we’ve developed in the warmer months. This has created a cultural conversation which tells us that the season is inevitably sedentary and stressful, something we should dread from a wellbeing standpoint. We want you to help us change that conversation. This can be a season of joy, one that sets you up to enter the new year with energy and presence. It just takes some extra awareness around our habits


We are launching a 40-day vitality challenge starting November 15 and ending December 23. Join a community of others committed to establishing and maintaining health and wellbeing through the holiday season. We’ll help you develop a better relationship with yourself by focusing on 1 habit that aligns with your goals this season, and giving you advice and support on how to make that habit part of your life. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, whether your focus is on body, mind, heart, or spirit, this challenge will support you in getting you where you want to go.


Along the way you will receive workouts, mindfulness practices, and feedback from our Vitality Coach, Lori Jorgenson. She will draw from her experience as a champion paddler, personal trainer, and designer of our Elevate program to provide insights and inspiration tailored to your personal goals. We’ll give you the tools to track your progress and measure your impact. Join her and a community of people dedicated to practicing wellness and accomplishment this season, and give yourself the gift of a new habit for the holidays.


The best part of the holiday season has always been about gratitude and giving. In lieu of charging tuition for this Vitality experience, we are asking that all participants donate to the charity of your choice. We’ll just ask that you send us a screenshot or receipt of your donation so we can track our collective impact and recommend your favorite organizations to our clients and partners in the future. If you need help deciding where to donate, just reach out and talk to one of our coaches. We have some great recommendations and would love to help you find a charity that aligns with your Life Mission.


We intend to change the conversation around the holidays this year. Whether its this challenge, our recently launched individual Champion coaching or a soon-to-be announced new session of our popular Elevate group to kick off in the new year. Talk to us about the best way to maintain your energy and vitality this year. This can be a time of presence, health, and gratitude. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about the challenge, talk to a coach about the habit you want to establish, and to chart a course for wellbeing through the holiday season and beyond.