My New Year’s resolution for 2022 is less of a final destination and more of a journey, a set of practices I’m committing to to up level key areas of my life. For example, I’ve committed to dedicating the first part of my mornings to an intentional routine that involves meditation, reflection, planning and movement, so that I can start my day with intention. Another practice I’m taking on in 2022 is making time for at least one outdoor family activity a week- hiking, snowboarding, even a walk around the block. In adopting these new practices I hope to create habits that move me toward to the person I want to be in my year and in my life.

-Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator

I am greeting 2022 with gratitude, in real life what that means is starting each day with a gratitude practice.  Being inspired by our Elevate program I am also increasing the amount of time I spend outdoors weekly.  Living at the Joyful Family Farm makes this a fairly natural practice.  Lastly I am increasing my intention practices, more than ever I think our intentions are the path to make life here on Earth better.

-Veronica Satalich, Business Coach

At the beginning of each new year I like to set a theme for the year based on my life mission, a reflection of the previous year, and then what is calling me to move forward.  This is a process that I embrace and do not rush.  In fact, for 2022 it took me two weeks of “that’s it” and “nope, not yet”. I finally now know, in my bones, that the theme for 2022 is B.O.A.T. (somewhat appropriate being a paddler, and someone who loves being on the water!)  The theme helps me to stay in alignment and connect with my future, as well as the actions, big and small, I need to take to get there. It is what I have done as an athlete to uplevel my game in my sport, now I am bringing in to play the long game in life.

This is also a journey I intend to support my clients in exploring for themselves as well.
-Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach

I’ve always been most comfortable with a rational, materialist approach to life (and pretty skeptical of anything that isn’t that). For 2022, I’m resolving to develop and deepen my spiritual sensibility. I’ve been reading Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary and he makes a strong case that our society has privileged left brain thinking at the expense of the unique gifts of the right brain, and we are collectively suffering as a result. In 2022, I’m resolved to deepen my exploration of what spiritual practices are right for me, and how to access more creativity and connection to others through them.
-Liam Mullaney, Business Coach
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