This month we asked our staff "What gifts are you excited to give this year?"  


This year, the gift I am excited to give is my attention - to family, to my surroundings, and even to myself. I have noticed that my awareness often gets pulled in many different directions, often without me being conscious of it. I am recommitting myself to practices that allow me to give my attention to things that really matter, people I care about, and skills I want to develop in the coming year.

 Liam Mullaney, Executive Coach


This year I am excited to give the gift of time.  I truly enjoy this time of year of gathering together to be in the spirit of love, sharing, and being together with family and friends.  This is a time to just BE present to the gift of togetherness, investing time with each other.

Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach


I am excited to give the gift of authentic presence with my family and friends. Listening deeply to what matters to them and enjoy the gift of connection with each individual. This is truly the season to share gratitude.

Geoff Helzer, Business Coach


I am excited to share/gift a couple of traditional, mythic practices. I am passing them down from my spiritual teacher.

Maren Oslac, HuPerson Project partner and Co-Founder The Soulful Leader Podcast


I am most excited to give photo gifts- albums, photo calendars, and framed pictures. Gifts that invoke memories forgotten, memories missed, and memories treasured. It is a joy to see the look on my loved ones’ faces when they open that gift and the moment and people in the photos came rushing back to them. I think that is a gift in and of itself.

Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator


We would love to  hear your own thoughts on the gifts you are excited to give this holiday season. Use the contact form below to share what you are looking forward to giving this month!

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