This month we asked our staff "What are you most grateful for?" Their answers ranged from skills they ave developed, to the season, to being grateful for gratitude itself. 


Right now, I am very grateful for winter. As someone who grew up by the beach and always considered summer my favorite season, I'm very surprised to hear myself saying that. For some reason this year, I have a much greater awareness of (and appreciation for) all the things that are historically associated with winter - taking time to slow down, gather with family, tell stories, and find ways to create light as nature grows colder and darker towards the solstice. My intention is to use this season to take stock and reflect on how much I have to be grateful for, and consider the impact I want to have on those around me in the coming year.

 Liam Mullaney, Executive Coach


I am grateful to be able to call myself an athlete.  I have been an athlete most of my life and have competed in a variety of sports, both as an individual and on teams.  I appreciate all the amazing people I have met from all over the world - New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Poland, China, as well as within the US.  Competing in sports has also given me the opportunity to strive to be the highest version of myself (mind, body, heart and spirit) and build skills to move through victories, defeats and challenges that have supported me in other areas of my life.  I have also learned the importance of health and longevity.  I am grateful to be able to support others in connecting to their highest version of themself through their vehicle, whether it is sport, business, or life in general.

Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach


This may sound funny or even redundant, I am grateful for having gratitude practices.  This gives me the opportunity to notice more, to delight in more, to open my heart more often.  Being grateful re-orients me at the times I am tempted to lose faith or get discouraged.  The minute I remember to presence gratitude the world shifts.  Recent example of this; what used to occur as boring and long (a monthly drive from Spokane to Portland) now occurs as many, many moments of beauty.  The Columbia River Gorge provides a variety of breathtaking beauty in every season.  It is never the same drive.

Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


This year I’m most grateful for my deepening conversation with life. When l look back over this year. I’m amazed at how much happened. Both personally and in my business life, my year was chock full of crazy challenges and so much going on. Regardless, I rarely felt rushed or overwhelmed. I had time for family, for me, for all the things I wanted to do, and everything was handled… I’m actually quite amazed as I look back.

The thing about it is that very little of it looks the way I thought it would, which did cause me some stress at the time! Here’s one example. I knew that my business of 14 years was done this year. I tried selling it myself and then I listed it with a business broker. I had a vision for the business beyond me. That vision did not happen. Life/spirit had something different in mind, and I had gotten attached to the way thought it should look. So I ended up with a few pity parties, frustrated days and questions about what I should do.

Once I finally let go of my agenda and stepped further into the conversation with life, I was able to let go of how I ‘thought’ it should look and let spirit guide me to putting my energy into something WAY more important and valuable.I got that ‘let go of how you think it should look and stay with the conversation’ witness in multiple areas of my life this year - and my life is richer, easier, more meaningful and joy filled because of it.

Maren Oslac, HuPerson Project partner and Co-Founder The Soulful Leader Podcast


The knowledge that I don't have to do everything myself- and the peace of mind that comes with it.
Specifically, when I learned the skill and practice of being able to recognize what my strengths are,  and to empower and leverage the strengths of others, my life became a whole lot easier. It's common commonplace and often tempting for professionals to want to do it all, to "just work harder" and to muscle something either out of perceived obligation or ambition. However, my life became a lot easier when I realized that I have others around me,  on professional teams, in my friend groups, and in my family, that have strengths and talents I do not. Being able to let others shine and therefore having the freedom and space to contribute from my most organic and authentic self has been such a gift-not only performance and efficiency, but to my own peace of mind and self-confidence.

Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator


The Thanksgiving season is a great time to reflect on what we are grateful for, we would love to  hear your own thoughts. Use the contact form below to share what has you feeling gratitude this month!

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