Over the past several years, our Cultivating Freedom course has helped hundreds of clients gain insight into how the events from their history have shaped them, and how to gain access to new choices as a result. We could say a lot about our intention in designing the course, but our clients are incredibly eloquent in their own right. Here are some selected quotes from those who have recently participated in the course, and what they got out of their experience:


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“I loved this course! I feel like I could even take it again and get that much more out of it.  It is a total mindset change, which is hard, but the more I practice and work at it, the more it becomes natural.  I feel like Shelly and Danielle did an amazing job not rushing things, helping everyone understand the content and feel heard.  The videos and support were helpful.”


“Recognizing my moods, thoughts, & feelings has helped me to control my emotional response.  By doing so, I am able to have much better outcomes in tough situations at work and in personal relationships. It has helped me put a stop sign in the middle of the 100 mph highway that I get stuck on, so that I can see the exits that allow me to take things a different direction.”


“THANK YOU. The work you’re doing is progressive and groundbreaking. It’s the first course that’s taken me beyond the problem statement and provided me more insights into why the problem exists in the first place. Most important, it’s provided me a SOLUTION. I can never not know or undue what I’ve learned during my time here. This is a good thing, I’m learning how to be a present human being that has choice in how I want to manifest my thoughts and being in the world. That is truly freeing!”


“This is a life changing course. Shelly and Danielle are perfect for this.  They are intuitive, empathetic and yet strong and enlightening all at the same time. Love the videos, and obviously those are now tools to watch again and share as well.”


“The Cultivating Freedom course was a really interesting approach/system that taught me a way to look at my personal patterns and how those thought patterns affect my feelings and mood.  And the best thing about it, is that it brought this to a level of consciousness that allowed me to step away and look at these patterns from an almost “outside” perspective.  Once you understand and learn this, you have the ability to pause and be more objective about why you are feeling a certain way.  And by being objective you also move towards self-compassion and away from negative self -talk.  Bottom line, I gained a deeper understanding of myself, which led to greater forgiveness of my weaknesses and less negative self judgment.” 


To learn more about how Cultivating Freedom can help you bring a higher level of presence and awareness to your life, and break up historical conversations that might be holding you back, contact us using the form below. For more information on course logistics, check out the landing page here.



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