Our partners at the HuPerson Project are offering the Life Mission I course again, starting October 26. This unique course helps participants begin the exploration of their own personal Life Mission, teaching practices to help you identify and refine its essential characteristics.  Here are some selected quotes from those who have recently participated in the course, and what they got out of their experience:


"I have a different awareness of the things that hold me back or stop me. Also a different level of curiosity around WHY I make some of the decisions I do, and more self-accountability for the consequences of my actions or inaction. I'm making my decisions from love and possibility for greater fulfillment versus playing things safe or being stuck in auto-pilot."


"I think that this will be a work in progress over my lifetime. This work will never stop but continue to grow."


"I am definitely more immersed in my in my Life Mission and am able to see where to contribute at a higher level. I have been leading through Integrity, kindness and love."


"I have more confidence in who I am and who I am being in any situation and slowing down and listening from different levels and really being clear when an Intention is missing or if I am unclear on it and being present more often."


"I just want to start off with a HUGE THANK YOU. You don't know how much this meant to me. It's been years since I've sat down and taken a course to learn about myself.......I have learned so much. I love that you guys do this. I wish everyone would take this course."


To learn more about how Life Mission I can help you explore your own personal Life Mission, contact us using the form below. For more information on course logistics, check out the landing page here.



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