Much of our work centers on getting people in touch with their own Life Mission - what it is, how they express it, and how they manifest it in their career. Sometimes people can be somewhat overwhelmed by the concept of a personal Life Mission, or have difficulty seeing its relevance in their day-to-day lives. This month we asked our staff "What does it mean to you to have a Life Mission mindset? We hope their answers help you see the value in reflecting on your own Life Mission.


Having a life mission mindset helps me “be” with all the noise of this world.  Having that inner guidance of knowing why I am here helps me filter and sort for the things that really matter to me.  When I listen from what has meaning and purpose for me, I pay attention to the things that really matter.  I am present, I ask questions and I am able to be in life from an inspired space. Coming from my life mission, I engage with others from possibility, grace and love, which gives me a sense of fulfillment everyday.

Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


Having a life mission mindset means for me to have my inner compass dialed for why I am here and who that calls me to be.  It helps me to stay on course, and connected to what ignites and inspires me. It also gives me access to serving others fully- whether it is my family, community, or in my wyrk. A life mission mindset provides me the Way and guidance within myself to stay present to what matters to me through the chaos, complexity and uncertainty.  I am more at peace knowing I am contributing to the world and others through my life mission, which includes my whole being - mind, heart, body and soul.  It supports me in moving through life with sustained energy, confidence, trust and joy.  

Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach


To me it means remembering parts of myself that I sometimes forget are there, and integrating them into my thinking and being. I have a tendency to take a left-brain approach to solving problems or engaging in strategic thinking; getting tunnel vision around a problem, tinkering with minutiae, or getting attached to a particular solution before stepping back to see the big picture. Working from Life Mission helps me engage all parts of myself and broaden my perspective. When I arrive at a solution from that space, I have much greater confidence that it is the appropriate one for the situation. 

Liam Mullaney, Business Coach


To me, having a Life Mission mindset means recognizing when I am muscling something vs. when it’s organically flowing through me. This is a skill I continually cultivate by noticing what drives me, what moves me, what my strengths and talents are, and my purpose on this planet.

Like many “elder millennials”, I’m a performer. You want something done? I’ll do it. However, in recognizing what is truly mine to do, I am able to do my best work, because it’s not coming from a sense of duty or obligation, but of true passion, purpose and authentic joy.

Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator 


Living my life from a life mission focused mindset, means that each day when I wake up I have a place from which to ground myself.  I have daily practices that support me in deepening my connection with my life mission and support me in being more present.  I am learning that, like anything, it takes practice.. Lots and lots of practice… I still have days when I fall off or forget.  When that happens, I reconnect with my WHY and begin again.  That is what there is to do, choose, every single day. I notice when I do this, I experience more flow, fulfillment, and joy. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Geoff Helzer, Business Coach


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