This month we asked our staff "What personal practices help you adapt to change?". They responded with some great personal insights, and one very consistent thread about the importance of breathing.


There are two personal practices that help me adapt to change; meditation and paddling (or working out outdoors when I cannot paddle). The daily meditation supports my ability to stay connected to my breath, let the mind chatter do its thing, and eventually get quiet, creating stillness.  The other practice is to paddle my rudderless outrigger canoe at least 2-3 times per week so that I am in flow of the water, my canoe, all of what nature has to share with me.  When I implement these in my life regularly, I am able to tap into the natural adaptability of my whole being to be open to the constant gift of change.

Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach


Breath work and shadow work help me - listen, learn and grow all while staying connected to a loving presence

Stephanie Allen, HuPerson Project partner and Co-Founder The Soulful Leader Podcast


I thrive on organization, which makes me a bit of a planner. As such, I tend to get thrown off course when sudden changes arise in my meticulously curated plans. However, what’s even more unproductive is letting my emotional reactions take the reins and throw me off course. Therefore, I found that simple and quick practices are the most effective for getting my mind clear and back in the present time. For example, when something happens and I start to feel myself going to panic or some emotional reaction that may not produce the best outcome for me, I do a quick breathing practice to help center my mind and body on the present moment. From this more peaceful, open space, I am able to choose how I want to react rather than letting my emotions choose for me. This often produces a much better outcome and also a more enjoyable process in getting there.

Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator


I have a daily practice of meditation that helps me with everything 'life'. There are two things I realize that I do in specific 'change heavy' times or environments. 1. I do something physical: gardening, swimming and dancing are my go-to activities. Walking my dog also helps. 2. I order/clean up something in my life. I'll clean my kitchen, clean out a junk drawer, go through a pile on my desk - I'll take some other aspect of my life and put order to it which shifts my state energetically and helps me feel empowered and centered when I contemplate the change.

Maren Oslac, HuPerson Project partner and Co-Founder The Soulful Leader Podcast


I have a breathing practice that connects me to my life mission, my connection with others and my relationship to nature.  In times of unexpected change, this is one of my go to’s.  It helps me remember I am not alone, and that there is always support for the future that wants to happen for me and all that I care about.

Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


Like many others, focusing my awareness on my breathing is the first thing I do when faced with a challenging situation or emotional response. Once I feel like I'm in the present moment, what I will often do is reflect on either a moment in my own past, or an important historical moment. I'm not looking for lessons to directly apply, but rather reminding myself "If I was able to get through that, I have everything I need to get through this" or "People in the past faced much more daunting challenges, and yet here we are". It helps me to stay grounded in current time, provides perspective from the past, and helps me engage more consciously with the future. 

Liam Mullaney, Executive Coach



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