This month we asked our staff members and partners at the HuPerson Project "What new skills are you developing right now?".  


One of the skills I am presently developing is up-leveling my skill in working with intention.  We tend to focus our attention on getting better at manifesting an outcome from the intention we set.  In this case, I am focusing on actually up-leveling my skill with intention which comes before the work with the intention itself.  I am finding by slowing down in this area I am seeing more, feeling more, and when I step into the actual manifestation of my intention it is refined, holistic and much more meaningful.

Geoff Helzer, Business Coach


The skill I am developing now is the ability to deepen my listening.  This has created a richness in my conversations with my teenage son.  I am noticing he feels he is truly being heard and I am listening with a more intimate connection.  With the intention of deep listening, it keeps me present to shift when I want to bring in my opinion and fix things to truly listening.

Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach


Upleveling and re-presencing what is important to me. How can I take care of my self to then impact my team members?
It's my presence and awareness. If we create our own experiences, what do I want my experience to be, and what is the manner in which I choose to alter my awareness to that.... it is everything. Presence and awareness for me, is my gateway for the way I contribute to my team. Aware of my experience, others' experience, and how we communicate together for the future we are building, so that everyone's voice is heard.

Mindy Crumpacker, Executive Coordinator & Image Specialist


The skill I am cultivating is resilience. Continuing to up-level this skill for me is critical to integrating my experience of life internally and externally. It allows me access to reconcile everything happening in the world and gives me a way to navigate life with an open heart, more flexibility, focus, joy and peace.

Tasha Cooper, Business Design Strategist


I'm consciously working with 3 skills right now:

  • I am developing the skill of presencing the future that wants to happen and deepening my understanding of 'the seed moment that creates the chain of events is always in the future'.I'm also developing my conversation skills on all levels, inwardly, speaking, touch, listening with all senses, etc.3.

  • I'm developing my relationship with questions, specifically, how to ask a better question.

  • I'm developing my relationship with questions, specifically, how to ask a better question.

Maren Oslac, HuPerson Project partner and Co-Founder The Soulful Leader Podcast


A skill I'm developing right now is my ability to be present to all the facets of life- the good, bad, clean and messy- while not letting it all take my thoughts, actions or mood for a ride. As I get older, I get more and more clear that life will always include a bit of good, bad, ugly and everything in between. I can't control all of it, but I can choose who to be in the  matter- both to build a better outcome for the day, and resilience in my life.

Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator


I am actively developing the skill of articulation.  The more clearly I can articulate the possibility I see for myself and others the more likely I/we can make  things happen for the good of all.  I am disrupting old habits that have prevented me from being clear, and there is a lot of freedom in that!

Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


The skill I'm working on is learning. Trying to loosen the grip of everything I already 'know' about areas of knowledge or human relationships so that I can learn new ways to engage with the world and the people around me. There are a lot of other skills that I'm developing in service of my commitment to learning - empathy, awareness, setting intentions etc. but the meta-skill of learning how to learn is something I'm very committed to right now.

Liam Mullaney, Executive Coach


If any of the staff shares above has you interested in a deeper conversation, or if you'd like to share your own response to this month's question, feel free to fill out the form below. We'd love to hear from you!



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