It's that time of year again for our  staff to give their summer beach/poolside/backyard book recommendations! We've also included some bonus recommendations from some of our friends at the HuPerson Project. Happy reading!


Balancing Acts: Unleashing the Power of Creativity in Your Life and Work by Daniel Lamarre. 

Such an inspiring dive into how Cirque Du Soleil became a thriving enterprise.  To learn how they went from brink of bankruptcy, laying off 95% of their work force, to attracting investors who engaged in a bidding war and eventually not only absorbed $900 million in debt, while also investing an additional $375 million was fascinating.

Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


Mind over Water: Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing  by Craig Lambert

This book brings to the readers the beauty of how participating in sport, such as rowing, provides an opportunity for the athlete/participant to explore and reach their potential not only in the sport, but in life as well.

Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach


The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World  by Iain McGilchrist

The brain science about the left/right brain dichotomy in this book in incredibly interesting and so much more complex and subtle than I realized. The most fascinating part however is the second half, where the author explores his thesis that Western historical cycles such as the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment are actually manifestations of one brain hemisphere becoming dominant over the other in our collective culture. I won't spoil which half of the brain he says is currently in the driver's seat....

Liam Mullaney, Business Coach


The Tide Between Us  by Olive Collins.
This book is inspired by the true story of  2,000 Irish children deported to Jamaica as indentured servants in the early 1800's. The story centers around one boy who is sent to work in the Jamaican cane fields and his journey. As I continually work on getting more conscious of what I don't know I don't know, I continue to discover more historical events that I've never previously been aware of. In reading stories inspired by real people and events, I aim to uplift my own awareness and reverence for the world I live in, as well as to ensure  these stories continue to be heard, and the lives of those off of whom they are based continue to live on.

Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator 


Mastery  by Hazrat Inayat Khan 

This book is a slow read and in a very good way.  There are so many mind bending possibilities to explore you have to read it twice...or maybe three times.  An excerpt: "The limited person has limited themself; they are limited because they are conscious of their limitations.  It is not their true self which is limited; what is limited is what they hold, not their self."  I am loving the questions these type of statements in the book are opening up for me and my journey on the path.

Geoff Helzer, Business Coach


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
Hendricks speaks to our propensity to "upper limit" ourselves, sabotaging ourselves by instituting artificial limitations. Hendricks also introduces the idea of the "noise of upper limit" and living in what he calls "Einstein time". He encourages the reader to transcend the upper limit problem by efforting, sometimes moment by moment, to catch the ways we upper limit ourselves and to embrace and expand our capacity for love, abundance and success to leap into our "Zone of Genius". This is a wonderful primer for anyone looking to up-level their life both personally and professionally.

Christine Paquette, Business and Executive Coach


Illusions by Richard Bach
A positive, inspirational book that challenges our world view and emphasizes the power of thoughts and words and that we create our own realities.

Maren Oslac, Co-host, The Soulful Leader Podcast


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