Veronica Satalich, Business Coach:

  • Time and presence with my family – people often say that at the end of our lives what we will wish for is that we spent more time with our loved ones. Well, I have set up my life so I get to do that all the time now, it brings me great joy. I have known for a long time supporting a thriving family is a part of my life mission, and I am getting to live that every day.
  • The accomplishments of my clients – when I see our clients overcome and navigate through circumstances that initially seemed impossible or insurmountable with grace and elegance. And in that process step more fully into being the kind of person they have always wanted to be, it gives me great joy.
  • Star Trek – The thing about Star Trek for me is the positive possibility that our future could be. I also love how the series has continued to confront and embrace the social issues of the times.


Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator:

  • The book Atomic Habits by James Clear. As a detail-oriented person, this book speaks right to my heart. James breaks down how to build effective habits and dismantle ineffective ones with the precision and guidance of easy-to-follow systems and processes.


Geoff Helzer, Business Coach:

  • I have always been a lover of the water.  More recently, I have set a goal of sailing around the world and beginning that journey in roughly 5 years.  So, needless to say, I have been immersed in all things sailing.  One of my favorite Youtube channels is Sailing Uma.  They are a young couple who recently graduated from Architecture school and purchased a $3,000 sailboat. It follows their incredible journey and gets better and better as you watch.  Another gem is the book, Escape from the Ordinary, by Julie Bradley.  It follows Julie and her husband Glen’s circumnavigation of our precious planet with amazing stories after visiting 63 countries along the way.  And just for fun, one of my favorite cookbooks right now is, Everyone’s Table, by local Portland chef Gregory Gourdet.


Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach

  • Being outdoors in nature during these moments of Spring-like weather. It lifts my spirit with the wonderful smells and the beauty that nature brings every day.
  • Outrigger canoe paddling with friends and seeing all of nature in action – bald eagles, hawks, sea lions, water, and trees. It provides me an opportunity to experience oneness by connecting to myself, nature, and friends.
  • Watching Marvel movies with my son. It is our quality time because we both love them. I am also grateful for the time as my son keeps me updated on what is going on and how the movies connect together (it still confuses me at times).


Liam Mullaney, Business Coach

  • I’m reading Contact With Alien Civilizations by Michael Michaud right now and loving the way it incorporates so many fields of knowledge to really interrogate our commonly held assumptions about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence. This field has always fascinated me. I think part of the reason is that it involves speculation in the domain where science and philosophy bleed together. Related to this, I’m also loving the recent launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. The next 20 years will see a massive infusion of actual exoplanet data that will allow us to test a couple of centuries worth of speculation in this field. I’m really looking forward to the possibility of solving at least a couple more variables in the Drake Equation during my lifetime!

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