Our partners at the HuPerson Project are offering the Life Mission I course again, starting October 26. This unique course helps participants begin the exploration of their own personal Life Mission, teaching practices to help you identify and refine its essential characteristics.  


Fall is a time when we naturally start to think of transitions - back to school, the change in seasons, business planning for the coming year, and the run-up to the holidays. For most of us, this is a particularly busy time and we're often just trying to stay on top of various commitments and to-do lists. Most of us have created systems and practices to make sure things don't slip through the cracks, and those generally serve us well. Technology and improvements in human systems over the past few decades have led to massive gains in worker productivity, which are likely to continue into the future. It may be harder to quantify in the personal or social realm, but we feel  busier than ever in most other areas of our lives too. 


There is a downside to this approach however, and it goes beyond the subtle stresses and anxiety that build up when toggling our awareness from one different domain to another throughout the day. In our rush to attend to the external, we tend to overlook the internal. The constant, shifting demands on our attention can have us focus on the details at the expense of the big picture. As a result, we miss things. And they are often very important things.


As you make plans for 2023, have you slowed down to consider what truly matters to you? Do you have a grasp of your unique gifts, and how you want to use them in the world? Are you clear on how the plans you've made further your values, priorities, and long-term commitments? If you could use some support in these areas, we invite you to consider Life Mission I, starting October 26. This innovative course will help you open up an exploration of the fundamental questions that should guide your plans for next year and beyond. Develop your awareness, get clear on your strengths, and examine how all of them can be used in service of your life's purpose. The future is calling. Take some time this fall to listen to what it's saying and reflect on how you will respond.


To learn more about how Life Mission I can help you explore your own personal Life Mission, contact us using the form below. For more information on course logistics, check out the landing page here.



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