Right now I’m growing a skill. I’m intentionally working to develop my skill of entertaining and hosting events. From planning the menu and the decor to curating the atmosphere I want guests to experience, I’ve been intentionally making opportunities for myself to practice and hone my craft. I started with family, hosting Christmas Eve dinner, and in January hosted an afternoon tea for friends. I’ve now scaled up to hosting a bridal shower in March. The overarching purpose is more than just to get better at something, but to expand my practice of hospitality and generosity to those I care about.

-Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator


I have taken on expanding my skill with woodworking.  It was an area that I was intimidated by, once I jumped in I realized it just required practice and lots of patients. “Measure twice and cut once” couldn’t be more accurate!  I find that it is also having an impact in helping me to slow down and stay present.

-Geoff Helzer, Business Coach


I know this is a little on the nose, but right now I am growing trees. Douglas Fir and Norway Spruce to be specific. After years of apartment living, I now live in the house I intend to grow old in. It’s a big shift in perspective to now be making landscaping decisions that span the next few decades. I’ve been surprised at how invested I’ve become in making sure they thrive. I just ordered more of them to plant this spring, if I’m not careful I’ll have a Christmas tree farm on my hands soon!

-Liam Mullaney, Business Coach


Professionally, I am growing my ability to have the conversations that really matter.  The kind of conversations that forward both our individual and collective intentions to co-create a more beautiful world, and to manifest a deep level of fulfillment and joy. Personally, this spring I will be learning to grow healthy tomatoes, healing ginger, and beautiful hydrangeas.

-Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


What I am growing right now are deeper intentional practices that support connection to others.  I have been creating the space in our home to host family and friend gatherings, as well as looking at ways to uplevel my cooking.  I look forward to doing so this Spring and Summer, especially with the wonderful opportunity here in Oregon with fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally.  I have also been growing my connections to the community by serving others through various volunteer opportunities, which has been a blast.

-Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach

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