For this month, we asked our staff "What do you do when the April showers start to fall?" Their responses were unexpected and insightful.  We hope you find some inspiration and ideas to support yourself when the Spring rains come down.


"Rain brings growth. Figuratively, when the rains come down in my life, I lean in to practices and activities that promote the growth I need, especially in challenging times. For example, the beginning of this new year has brought with it some unprecedented challenges- for our world, certainly- and also for me personally. When the going gets tough, it's tempting for me to withdraw from other activities- my volunteer work, social events, and hosting family gatherings- to make room for the challenges. However, this time, I am consciously choosing to not only continue, but to lean into the activities that I know bring me joy, meaning and fulfillment - qualities I need to meet these new challenges from my highest intention and best self."

-Danielle Mason, Course Coordinator


"One of my mentors used to always say to me 'This too shall pass' which works as a great mantra for my mind, another said 'breathe, slow down, and return to your breath'. I’ve found that these actually worked for me then and now. They are still my first go-to today. Since then I’ve added to those as I’ve come to know myself better. Some situations require a little something more. A Gratitude practice can perform miracles when my heart is broken. Music soothes my soul and meditation stills the mind. Returning  to love ALWAYS carries the day. I ask myself 'What is the most kind and loving thing I can say or way to myself or another right now?' This one  allows me to soften and return to my deepest commitments."

-Shelly Cooper, CEO


"I learned a long time ago, for me, the most important thing is be willing to keep my heart open.  So figuratively when things get tough, I look inside am I willing to keep my heart open?  This last week, I lost someone who was the epitome of unconditional love and regard for others.  I have been willing to share, cry and honor his memory by being open hearted.  I trust the saying that  'Pain is inevitable, Suffering however is optional'.  My friend would invite me to embrace the pain as a way to honor his legacy."

Veronica Satalich, Director of Opportunities


"For me the seasons are very similar to the natural cycle of business.  I have held spring to be a time of discovery, being open to new ways of being and doing. Letting go of pieces that no longer serve me or what I am committed to.  It's also a time to get in shape and upgrade my practices.  Like nature, it is a time to wake up our senses and blossom."

-Geoff Helzer, Business Coach


"When its raining - create your own adventure!  What a great time to grab a raincoat (one with a hood) and explore somewhere you’ve never been before.  You never know what you might find.  One of my most memorable trips was to a very small town in south central Oregon. It was raining buckets!  Gathered together, with nowhere to go, I had interesting conversations and met the most fascinating people in a combination business (grocery, post office, gas station, and feed store). I learned things about the area, the people, historical sites, and found prehistoric drawings. Road Trip!"

-Kathy Austin, NeurOptimal Trainer


"Depending on the weather, I turn to either running or music when I get challenged or stuck. If I find myself ruminating on something in a way that feels unhealthy, activating a radically different part of the brain helps break up the pattern. They create enough space so I have the ability to see beyond the immediate problem. Plus it's very hard to indulge in negative self-talk when your huffing and puffing up a hill, or keeping a beat on a drum kit!"

-Liam Mullaney, Executive Coach


"I get on the water and paddle on my outrigger canoe, rain or shine. It provides me the time and space to be in nature, connect to my body and mind, as well as be in the present moment engaging in something that lights me me up (and does literally keep me afloat).  It is much more to me than a training session. It is an opportunity this time of year to experience the herons building their nests and community, Osprey returning to build their nests, fish jumping out of the water, and much more aliveness happening all around me on the water that I get to experience, rain or shine."

-Lori Jorgenson, Vitality Coach






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