Training To Be A Champion Paddler

Champion paddlingImage: Scott Moody Photography


Outrigger canoe paddling is an opportunity to blend with a group of people to perform your best, both in training and competition.  The sport is also a beautiful expression of various clubs and cultures, creating a community regionally, nationally and internationally.  As a way to engage with the paddling community here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m offering a paddling workshop on Saturday, October 12 from 12:00pm-4:15pm


I began paddling in 1999,  won the World Sprint Championships in 2004, and I continue to improve my performance as a competitor and coach from a whole person approach.  My mission is to continue to uplevel myself so that I can navigate through padding (and life), able to perform, showing up as a champion, and bringing the joy.  I practice being present with each stroke, each moment, and adapting to what is needed to get to where I want to go. I strive to help others to create this connection for themselves.  On October 12th I’m offering a paddling clinic that will utilize everything I bring to help you achieve your performance goals. This includes:


    • Championship experience
    • Intensive personal training
    • Mindset coaching
    • Attention to a person’s overall vitality (whole-person approach)
    • Efficient stroke mechanics of paddling


This is a paddling clinic for people wanting uplevel their training, improve the efficiency of their technique, and successfully perform on the small boat.  I use a whole-person approach to coaching. That means I work to create a stronger connection between their body, the muscles they are using, the canoe, and the water.


With this connection you are able to paddle ‘in your zone’.  Whether you are on the ocean or river, paddling on the V1, OC1 or OC6, you will have a sense that you are in flow with the water, moving with the canoe as if it is a part of you, paddling effortlessly and with limitless energy.  You’ll be fully in the experience of performing from your potential, no thoughts, and just flow. This Saturday workshop will help you begin to ground this feeling within you and step up your game to prepare for the 2020 season.


Why is October 12 important?

If you are looking to improve your skills, off season is the best time to work on technique, and it requires more than just paddling on the water.  If you are a World Sprints Hopeful paddler, the deadline to qualify for a limited number of slots is fast approaching. I will utilize valuable tools to help you achieve your performance goals as you pursue those chances to qualify.


What it includes

A paddling workshop Saturday, October 12 from 12:00pm-4:15pm for OC1 paddlers. Program includes:

    • 1.25 hours of land introduction providing essential mindset and physical practices to implement into your training and competition, to help improve your paddling technique and reduce the risk of injury
    • 2.5 hours water paddling coaching to enhance your paddling technique on the water, including video to increase your efficiency and speed
    • 0.5 hours conclusion and Q&A session


What you will walk away with

    • Two  individualized deeper practices, to increase your awareness to the art, science and spirit of paddling staying connected to your why and passion of paddling to help stay on track and increase overall performance (to help with getting out on the water this time of year, for example)
    • Two technique tips to improve your paddling stroke so that you are able to implement them in your training to create a change
    • A warm up routine to implement to prepare you physically and mentally for your training sessions and competition to have a greater performance and reduce the risk of injury
    • A cool down routine to reduce the risk of injury and have a relaxing way to end your session
    • An entry practice for training practices and competition so you can perform in your flow rather than overthinking
    • Three land exercises to add to your training routine that is specific for paddlers wanting to increase their performance and reduce the risk of injury
    • Three nutrition tips to support paddling training and eat the right fuel at the right time, sustaining your energy
    • A greater sense of connection to what makes paddling unique, and to the community of people involved in it – your why
    • Each participant will receive a packet providing the above information and a follow up email after the clinic
    • Having a great time on the water!






Waterway 18

2199 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103


If you’re interested in joining this unique opportunity to take your paddling to the championship level, contact Lori Jorgenson at the Taylor Group!