Choosing Love 2020

choosing love 2020

We’re on a journey together across generations to participate in creating a healthy and regenerative community through love. We’ve faced challenges, celebrated together, and developed ourselves to recognize, lead, and advance in times of both prosperity and challenge. We have been preparing ourselves to lead from mission, meaning, and purpose.  This is the time that it is most necessary.


As leaders developing awareness, and greater capacity, we understand that we are creating and shaping our lives every day, in each moment.  Each conversation or dialogue that we have with another, we are choosing.  Each action we take, we are choosing.  From each moment of choice, we create the world we’re currently living in.  A museum curator chooses from over 100,000 pieces for a show or an experience that will only require 25 pieces.  Likewise, we are the curators of our lives now—not the politicians, or business or religious leaders.  We are curating the health of the planet that we live on, the strength of the human family that lives on this planet. We steward the bio-diversity of this place we call home.  And yes, we are at the crossroads.  This moment in history requires that we, as human beings, make a new choice for our collective future and We can make this choice from love.


What will transform this experience from trauma to possibility is you and the path you choose. Also, we have a choice to make together.  These existential moments of virus crisis, and of social isolation that we’re experiencing now, is actually an opening to bring a higher self forward, and a new way of living life together.


This time of reflection in which we are considering what is meaningful now, we can redefine love, not as a feeling that comes and goes, but as a commitment and a practice. The other choice that we would make, perhaps unconsciously, are for the old ways: disconnected, fearful, numb and thus protective and isolating.  When we feel hurt, and fear, or we feel betrayed or alone and, believe that we are unloved or unlovable, we act from that fear and anxiety, and choose life this way.  What if that’s not life, What if we just got used to that way of living, like a habit.


It’s more work to build a new habit that is natural to us-like choosing love–it just may not be normal daily practice.


In choosing love, we’re being in choice, and being accountable for our own future.  From there the pathway forward is stronger and more healthy, expansive and regenerative


From the Dalai Lama, “Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive”;

to Lao Tzu, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage”;

to Mother Teresa, “Do small things with great love”

We know this.


Whether you are a poet, musician or scientist; whether you are a brother, a sister, mother or father; if you are a lover and a beloved, we know in our hearts—love is the only force that heals, bonds, creates and evolves us; and, if we choose it, guides how we live our lives together.  This is an enduring choice for the people of our company and our communities. This may seem too lofty, or really not possible.  You have to ask yourself, what part of you is saying that?  If you’re thinking that, or saying it, consider the possibility that you’ve already chosen the old way–life can only be what you’ve experienced in the past. This is the nature of the choice we need to make.  Changing the way we live together happens when we make a different choice, and we have to wake up in order to do that.Sometimes, it’s much harder to choose love, in a moment of frustration, or anxiety, and that’s the work.  It is serious.  It requires your awareness and presence to break old habits.  It’s not necessarily a moral imperative.  It’s not about being a good person or a bad person, believing in God or not.  It’s not a religious dogmatic imperative.  That’s part of what we need to get beyond.  Simply, Choosing Love is what it is to be human together.  We will need to re-equip our tool belt with new practices, and be willing to re-forge our beliefs and actions. For Love. For the sake of our community, our ecosystem, our home. We have begun. The question becomes, do you have the courage to choose love now?  Can you trust love as the force that moves us all?  In 1987, the Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana said:


“As human beings we have only the world which we create with others–whether we like them or not.  .  .  .Through the expressions of a biological interpersonal congruence we see the other person and open up for him or her room for existence beside us.  This act is called love. The acceptance of the other person beside us in daily living. This is the biological foundation of social phenomena:  without love, without acceptance of others living beside us, there is no social process, and therefore, no humanness. We have only the world that we bring forth with others, and only love helps us to bring it forth.”


Now is the time to bring forth the world we want to live in.  We’ve got an opportunity now, unlike any other we’ve ever had. Most probably it was the only way it could get all of our attention all at once, and come to a full stop. Regardless of the situation, choose love as a necessity. Love someone deeply, it will give you courage. We’ve got nothing to lose. Give it all you’ve got to move above and beyond the fear/anxiety to choosing love. Remember, it’s cultivated in a conversation, or a dialogue, in the next action you take.  That’s how we build a new way of living together, doing small things with great love.


George Harrison, one of the Beatles, said it best:

“With our love, we could save the world.”