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Burgerville's mission, Serve with Love, isn't a marketing platform. It's the driving force in their business plan to cultivate a thriving company that supports the community, the environment, and the well-being of employees at every level.

"We make big goals at Burgerville."

Beth Brewer, Chief of Transformational Learning and Development, puts it this way: "For us, it's all about breakthrough performance. Even when the economy got really bad, we stood by our commitment to things like health care for all our employees, green energy, buying locally. It took real creativity to stick with those commitments and still be a successful business. So we need our whole team, at every level, to bring their best. Our training program and culture empower them to do just that."

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"You can't separate the individual from the employee, so we don't try."

"We've partnered with the Taylor Group to create a series of custom courses for our staff development," says Beth Brewer. "We have about 150 people going through training with the Taylor Group, as part of a bigger program that we call the Burgerville Way. In practice that means that we can discover pretty quickly when someone is having a problem and get them the individual support they need. So they keep hitting their performance targets at work, and they're moving their lives forward."

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"The Taylor Group has been an incredible partner. They've helped us hone in on what we really believe. So at our new restaurant at the airport, our team is empowered to go out of their way to make people's day better. Our employees love it, and our customer feedback has never been better."