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Laura Amiton

"I love my team, and that has just grown with us taking classes together. Now I hear the ideas we've learned through the Taylor Group woven into our interactions with each other. It's really become a big and extremely positive part of our lives."

"I had a business idea, and I wanted to know if it was viable. So I came to the Taylor Group."

Laura Amiton first learned of the Taylor Group when she met one of our coaches at a networking event. She'd been mulling over an idea for a new business and after an informal conversation, she decided to pursue formal business development coaching.

"The Taylor Group has helped me become more organized, more clear about my life goals. They've helped me become my best, higher self."

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"It's really hard work, but it's been incredibly rewarding."

"My whole team went through the Communications Lab and I just went through the Freedom through Change course. I've seen so much improve with my current business. It's changed how we work with customers, how we speak to each other."

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What's my more?

"To continue learning, growing and challenging myself. To be a better communicator, manager, business person, family member. There's no real limit."