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Mark Kammerer

"The Taylor Group helped me to discover how to play at my highest level.
I understand now that every day, I need to begin by being fully myself. It's only then that I can effectively and confidently live in my place as a leader."

"I needed to Accelerate My Rate of Change."

Mark's roots in the travel industry run deep. "I've worked on every side of this business, and I love it—it's a chance to bring real joy to people's lives. Since it's always changing, I'm always learning." Mark knew he was in the right line of work, but he could tell he hadn't tapped his full potential. “I kept getting different versions of the same results, so my coach suggested that I contact the Taylor Group. Once I started this journey, my friends and colleagues could sense that something was different.

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"Be Fully Yourself. Then Take Your Place as a Leader."

"This is hard work—it’s not for everyone. But I can say without reservation that I would not be where I am now, had I not done this work. I’ve been able to shift behaviors, change beliefs and start on a journey that’s still ongoing. Before, there were places I didn’t want to tread, conversations I didn’t want to have. As you learn how to bring new levels of communication to any conversation, it frees up all kinds of opportunities—for your business and yourself."

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"What's my more? A joyous life. What could be better than that?"

“That's really what this is about. Do you want to have the life of your dreams, or do you want the life that other people are dreaming up for you? If you want the life of your dreams, you’re going to have to go work for it, and the Taylor Group can show you how."