More Possibility

John & Paul

"We had thought we couldn't afford to do coaching, but after meeting with the Taylor Group, we realized that we couldn't afford not to."

"Establish trust in a relationship first and build from there."

"We've been partners since 1998, managing branches for a number of banks. We first came to the Taylor Group during the financial crisis. They're a big part of how we thrived through all these transitions."

Ready to move forward through change?

Our Process

"A change in perspective"

"It’s changed our entire narrative in how we view work, professional relationships. It’s affected how we communicate, even touching on why we’re even here to begin with. There’s a lot of food for thought. We’re learning how to really listen to people and have empathy for people. That’s been really crucial in us being successful."

What's your more?

Paul: "More understanding, more responsibility, more empowerment."

John: "Transformed relationships. Love, compassion, and respect. More of that will bring whatever my heart desires."