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R&H Construction is empowering employees to perform at their highest —a commitment that's paying off with a happy team that's in it for the long haul.

A Culture of Respect runs through the whole company.

Mike Gillis was part of R&H’s first Taylor Group cohort. “I never thought I’d get this kind of help. So the most surprising thing to me is that it’s had such an incredible effect on me. Now I’m the person who can’t speak highly enough about the experience.”

The way Mike sees it, supporting communications lets everyone contribute at a higher level. It’s all part of a culture of respect that makes him happy to give his best to R&H.

New Levels of Support

HR coordinator, Anna Ciskowski agrees. She loves being able to provide a new level of support to R&H's 220 employees, and she credits two things—the Taylor Group and her company's exceptional management—for making that possible. "We've got the freedom to follow through on our ideas. And after my work with the Taylor Group, I’m much better at listening to what people need and really trying to create solutions—instead of just listing off what’s available.”

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"When you improve communications, productivity follows."

About 20 people from R&H have worked with the Taylor Group so far, creating positive ripples throughout the company. "Having that critical mass of people go through the training has led to more genuine relationships with people at work," says Mike. " A lot of offices, you do your work, then you go home and there’s no real connection. The work with the Taylor Group has changed that. We know each other on a deeper level now. I personally feel much more connected to my colleagues.

Good communications: easy to get wrong, so powerful when you get them right.

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“We consider our investment in our employees engagement with The Taylor Group a competitive advantage, so much so that I originally wanted to keep it a secret. Now I realize that if everyone we encounter could communicate more effectively and interact with purpose/commitment, the business world would be a better place.” - Cheryl McElroy, Human Resources Director