Cultivating Freedom: In Their Own Words

Over many years and for hundreds of people, the Taylor Group’s Communication Lab has served as a foundational course for those seeking to understand and upgrade their communication skills. We’ll be offering it again starting April 29 and invite you to join us for a unique learning experience. Here are what some past clients have said about the value they got from this body of work:


“I have more self control. Before having a reaction, I can take a step back and think about it rather than reacting in the moment with the first thoughts that come into my head. I’m more level-headed.”


“I can feel a shift in perspective. No one is perfect at catching themselves all the time, but just being more aware of when I am not being the me that I want to be.”


“This course came at the perfect time, when I was dealing with a lot of unprecedented stuff. It was a huge wakeup call and reminder to presence myself.”


“Taking this course has helped me manage my stress and see how it affected my team. Talking to them is easier, and they now better understand where I’m coming from.”


This course consists of six group sessions and one individual session. Individual sessions will be scheduled toward the beginning of the series and will build on the work introduced in the initial group sessions and establish individual goals.


6 group sessions, 1 one-on-one session


Thursday, 8am-10am (2 hours)

  • April 29
  • May 13, 20, 27
  • Jun 3, 10


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