Cultivating Freedom Winter 2021

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Presence, awareness, and choice in your life are skills you can develop. Cultivating Freedom will show you how


You have a thought….then you have a feeling about that thought….then you have another thought, and another feeling about that thought. The cycle ramps up until you’re stressed out and distracted from what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.  Finding yourself in the middle of this cycle is rarely productive or enjoyable for you or the people around you. And we all engage in it, every day, without being fully conscious of it.


We invite you to join experienced course leaders and a small group of fellow committed learners in an exploration of how to set an intention for your future, and boldly pursue it. This course will help you understand the personal historical shaping that drives your responses to the world around you, and give you access to a choice: do I allow the past to determine my future?, or do I give myself the space to imagine a better one? This is by no means easy, but with practice we have found that anyone can cultivate the habits of mind that allow them to focus on what actually matters to them, and build a life that is meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling.




This course consists of six group sessions and one individual session. Individual sessions will be scheduled toward the beginning of the series and will build on the work introduced in the initial group sessions and establish individual goals.


6 group sessions, 1 one-on-one session

Thursdays, 8am to 10am


  • Jan 21
  • Feb 4, 11, 18, 25
  • Mar 4


Please call The Taylor Group at your earliest convenience to schedule your individual session.




This course will be facilitated via Zoom web-conferencing. Information will be sent to participants upon enrollment.