Remote Learning Success

custom learning

This school year brings more uncertainty than any time in living memory. Remote learning, staggered schedules -regardless of how your child’s school is moving forward, it’s safe to say parents will play a bigger role than ever in their children’s educational development. For many parents, this is a source of anxiety and exhaustion. We can help you with that. We’re excited to announce a new Custom Learning Consulting offer to address some of the most pressing concerns for families right now.


A trained consultant will assess you and your child’s unique circumstances, then work with you to create a customized plan that fits your life, plays to your strengths, and complements your child’s learning style. No more suffering or more work for both you and your children. Every session will provide immediate relief and help you, your family and your child reorient from frustration to freedom.


These sessions are designed to:

  • Create an organized foundation customized to you and your child’s needs, schedules and concerns.
  • Learning activities and approaches that leverage and appeal to your child’s interests, talents and abilities.
  • Best optimize and make sense of the requests and information from the teachers and school district.
  • Provide more emotional freedom for your child to be their truest, most authentic selves


We start with an initial consultation, then custom-design a package of sessions with you to support you and your child. The number of sessions and frequency will be tailored to your needs and budget. To schedule your initial consultation via Zoom videoconference, please email The Taylor Group at, or reach Danielle Mason directly at 971-269-2043.