Elevate Plus

Elevate Plus

Building on the success of our original Elevate program, this new offer is for people who want a deeper exploration of their fitness, wellbeing, and vitality. In addition to essential exercise, movement, and mindfulness practices, you’ll develop your inner dialogue and ability to stay present to your outer surroundings. As you navigate through your days, maneuvering and flowing in response to external forces, Elevate Plus will keep you aware of how to align our own flow to stay energetic, aware, and resilient.  Elevate Plus is a wellbeing community exploring what is possible for ourselves and others when we are active, conscious, and connected to nature.


In addition to the core workouts and wellbeing practices from the original Elevate, this new program will include:


  • New, in-depth assessments to refine, track, and act on data and other information in service of your personal vitality journey
  • Attention to the long game, elevating both your fitness and the inner work to carry your intention through a 6 month journey and beyond.
  • Ability to schedule 1-on-1 sessions outside of a Vitality contract. Individual time with a champion-level coach can customize your experience to a whole new level.


Join the exploration of what is possible when your body, mind, heart and spirit are all aligned towards your fitness goals.





This course includes 2 weekly group sessions for 6 months, starting January 10, 2022. Sessions will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am Pacific.




All sessions will be available on video conference via Zoom. As weather and COVID restrictions permit, sessions will be conducted at outdoor locations TBD.




$195 per month for 6 months

$250 per individual session