February Heart Health Challenge

heart health

February is American Heart Month, an excellent opportunity to focus on heart health as part of our overall approach to self-care. As we head into winter’s homestretch, coupled with continued pandemic restrictions, keeping our attention on our well-being is especially important.


The goal for this challenge is to incorporate simple practices into your day to build healthy heart practices.  The challenge will go from Monday, February 15 to Sunday February 28, 2021.  It is based around Bring the Joy and Get Heart Pumped up practices to build your overall vitality.


You’ll keep track during the coming 2 weeks of your frequency of these practices following the guidelines below, and report them on March 1. Along the 2 week journey together you will receive support from our Vitality coach, Lori Jorgenson, to keep your momentum going! Email her at lori@taylorgroup.com to participate.  Let’s get pumped up together!!




What are the top 3-5 things that bring you the most joy?  How can you implement at least one of them into your day or week consistently?  Doing this will help you stay connected to that which lifts your spirit and creates happiness, which in turn lowers stress, boosts your immune system, and can improve mood.  Before the Heart Health Challenge begins, create your list of what brings you joy.  Put things on the list that makes your heart sing, no matter how big or small.  Place the list somewhere where you see it everyday and begin the challenge with looking at how to implement one per day to start the journey. Even reflecting on them can help you gain some of the positive health benefits listed above.




Exercise and movement is essential for our well-being, regardless of the duration.  For heart health it is important to incorporate aerobic exercise (such as walking, biking, hiking, swimming, etc.) regularly based on your current fitness level and overall health.  Regardless of where you are starting and the window of time you have, put them into practice at least 5 times per week.


Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans