Before joining the Taylor Group as a business coach in 2018, Geoff was a client for almost 20 years. During that time, he worked in healthcare management, fine dining Restaurant management, and even auto repair. Throughout these multifaceted experiences, he has focused on upgrading communication practices, increasing profitability, and fostering a culture of service.


I’m especially passionate about embedding the distinctions of high-quality service in companies. I do this through one-on-one work with business owners and managers, or by doing team-building work in practice groups. It’s a pleasure to watch ideas grow in collaborative conversations amongst team members. I also focus on business development, both in coaching our current clients and in bringing the Taylor Group’s work to new organizations.

I worked with a fine dining restaurant, which had requested support in upgrading its level of service. I began by listening for what their ideal restaurant looked like, then worked backward from that end goal to build the practices that would have a high level of service live inside of the restaurant. We were able to quickly engage with the team, and have them as part of the design process. This created ownership and buy-in of the new practices. As a result, their sales have increased, along with their star rating on review sites!