Homeschool Support

Homeschool support

This spring, millions of parents have been thrust into the role of being educators. Teachers everywhere are making heroic efforts to provide the content and connections that will keep our kids academically on track, but the realities of lockdown mean that the role parents play is bigger than ever in our children’s learning and development.


For many parents, this is a source of anxiety and exhaustion. They are inundated with lessons and assignments in different formats, from different teachers, in areas in which they have no training. They’re trying to do their own jobs, remotely, in a time of uncertainty. Their kids are antsy and out of their routine.


There is a better way, one that doesn’t mean suffering or more work for both you and your children. Our Homeschool Support offer is here to help.


Every session will provide one thing that gives immediate relief and helps you, your family, and your child reorient from fear and frustration to freedom. These sessions are designed to:


  • Create an organized foundation customized to you and your child’s needs, schedules, and concerns.
  • Learning activities and approaches that leverage and appeal to your child’s interests, talents and abilities.
  • Best optimize and make sense of the requests and information from the teachers and school district.
  • Provide more emotional freedom for your child to be their truest, most authentic selves


We start with an initial consultation, then custom-design a package of sessions with you to support you and your child. The number of sessions and frequency will be tailored to your needs and budget.


To schedule your initial consultation, please email The Taylor Group at