Since founding the Taylor Group with her mother, Carolyn, in 1987, Jill Taylor has continually looked for new and better ways to empower people to succeed. Her extensive background in business strategy and years of study and practice enable her to guide the visionary leadership required to meet the business, societal, and community challenges we face today.


As CSO, I’m responsible for guiding the Taylor Group as a whole. I develop our courses and shape our offerings based on what I’m hearing our clients are facing in their organizations, their industries, their communities, and in the larger world.

I also lead the development of the Taylor Groups' future offerings—specifically, how do we, through business, address social issues that are impacting the collective us—beyond a single individual’s role in a company, beyond a single company’s place in its industry. Together we have an opportunity to respond to some of our world’s most pressing concerns—climate change, education, homelessness—to shift how we talk about these issues, how we integrate these issues into how we do our businesses, to create lasting and positive change.