Sustained Energy 105: Journaling

Writing journaling

Writing is the Geometry of the Soul. – Plato


As we move forward on our individual journeys of Sustained Energy, sometimes the momentum crashes and we find ourselves back into old, unhealthy patterns. When the unexpected happens, instinctively we shift our direction or even stop progress altogether. We clutter our minds with what if’s. We move towards quick-fix energy sources. We start to lose sleep. We under-produce at work. Our family begins to notice a shift in our mood. The hardest time to make a healthy change isn’t in the beginning when you first decide to prioritize your well-being, but rather when you lose sight of why you started this journey to begin with. There’s no easy way to avoid adversity on the road to success, but what we have created in our work around health and well-being are tools to support you in being adaptive and ultimately victorious in meeting your goals. In this post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of journaling your journey and how to stay focused on the future you want to create.


Humans thrive on Purpose. It’s no surprise that engagement in all parts of your life increases when you believe what you’re doing matters and that it will make a difference. Here at the Taylor Group, we understand the strong connection that exists between Purpose and Happiness. Being clear on the Future you want for yourself is the first step to effective journaling. Write it out. Say it out loud. Be honest with yourself and clear on the work you’re taking on. Studies have shown that effective journaling consists of a peaceful space and around 15 minutes per day, three times each week. Writing in a journal will move you into the present moment from a prior place of frustrations and anxieties, increasing your self-awareness in the process.


You can write about anything, and even find writing prompts online. A good place to begin: By writing out lists of what gives you energy as well as what depletes your energy. This will give rise to a greater sense of where you need to invest. By reminding ourselves of what energizes us, we experience an unconscious sense of gratitude. This sensation has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain, which hugely influences our food intake, metabolism, and exercise patterns. As we jump into our journey with well-being, reminding ourselves why we started is essential when we run into roadblocks. By journaling, we allow ourselves to move through the feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and insomnia and into joy, gratitude, and relief.


By journaling, you will allow yourself the opportunity to move into a happy place and leave behind the worry. We’ll work with you to help in shining light on any barriers that come up so that you can move through it and keep up the momentum on your journey towards Sustained Energy. We can’t see your internal experiences, thoughts and feelings, so journaling can be used in support of our work as an outlet to help enable mental and emotional clarity, validate experiences, and help you come to a deeper understanding of what’s holding you back. Once you’ve refocused on the Future, our coaches can move in to support you in training your brain, developing physical wellness plans, and all the while, offer you a team to support you in moving towards both  personal and business related goals. We would love to work with you on a personalized approach for the overall health of your own mind, body, spirit, and heart. Contact us for a free consultation to support you in your transformation.