With her background as a personal trainer and world champion outrigger canoe paddler, Lori joined the Taylor Group in 2017 with extensive experience in the realm of physical well-being. Her role as a vitality coach goes much deeper than that, however, recognizing the critical role of the vitality of the mind, heart, and spirit to her clients’ overall wellness.


I provide vitality coaching, both in 1-on-1 coaching and group work. Vitality starts with the physical body but encompasses so much more than that. Through mindset coaching around a person’s thoughts, environment, work, and other areas of their life, my work is customized and adapted for every client.

I meet people wherever they are in their individual journey to vitality, and design a program that works for them. The ability we have as humans to make choices that can impact our life journey, the people around us, and the planet at large is amazing! I help people see the choices they have, and help them to stay on the road to vitality.