Mindy began work with the Taylor Group as a personal image specialist in 2016, and her commitment to beauty, in all its manifestations, has always been a source of fulfillment for her. By helping clients cultivate an awareness of beauty, and working with their relationship to it, she helps them show up powerfully in every area of their life, impacting the world around them for the better.


I meet people wherever they are in their relationship to image and beauty, really getting to know their wants and concerns. From there we might start 1-on-1 consulting, work with their wardrobe and closets, going shopping together- anything that supports the next steps in their journey.

Through our work together, one of my clients finally saw herself as her new size after significant weight loss, and began to own her beauty and recognize her personal power. It was inspiring having this woman look in the mirror, and see that the beauty she is had always been inside of her.