Navigating Change & Curating Self: Summer 2017

Navigating Change & Curating Self is another of the Taylor Group’s newer offerings in the area of Vertical Development. This is advanced work, involving a deep and systematic examination of one’s past personal development stages in order to unlock future growth. Drawing from the latest work of the Taylor Group’s teachers and partners, we pack an incredible amount of learning into 2 multi-day sessions this August & September, in an experience many course participants have described as ‘life changing’.

This course is the latest iteration of some of the core work the Taylor Group has focused on for years. Namely, understanding life’s changes and transitions, and thriving in the face of them. This skill is more crucial than ever in today’s world, as we contend with ever-accelerating changes in our politics, economy, society, and ourselves. Navigating Change & Curating Self allows you to address the questions we all now face; Who would I need to be to navigate this kind of change? What would I need to know, and how would I support my family, my colleagues, myself? What techniques do I use to curate the self who will be able to do all of that?

Answering these questions helps the individual develop resilience that translates into their professional life. As one participant puts it, her company now has:

“A coach. A teacher. A guide in the face of crisis. A leader who can acknowledge the reality of a situation and shift to find more opportunity. Someone who cares about the people as much as the ‘how’ of something. A person with great skills at action and reflection – a person who can shape the future”

Navigating Change & Curating Self is focused on helping people develop their natural gifts and talents in such a way that they can move through unknown territory, and find the emerging opportunities that will move themselves and their team forward. As the 21st Century continues to unfold, the world needs people who can do that more than ever. This course is the Taylor Group’s latest innovation in helping people to develop those skills, and create the self they truly want to be.