We live in a disruptive time. Rapid change is challenging people’s certainties and even their sense of self, as divisions blur between home and office, personal and business, real and artificial. It requires exceptional intention and awareness to achieve one’s goals, in every domain of life. All of this can challenge our well-being. Our Vitality work is designed to help you meet those challenges.

These are times that call for champions. Not just those who seek excellence in their chosen arena, but in the sense of being a champion for something; for living a healthy and whole life, for being a positive force in their community, for creating something valuable and authentic in your business. We craft customized work for those who want to cultivate the mindset and skill level to show up as a champion in every arena of their life.

We design programs for individuals and groups to support the whole person - mind, body, heart and soul -designed to help them live a life of vitality.  Whether it's increasing your body awareness to move more efficiently, boosting your energy levels, or helping you make choices to improve their overall health, Vitality work will help you meet and exceed your wellbeing goals, regardless of what they are or what your starting fitness level is.


When it comes to well-being, exercising your body and exercising your brain are equally important. All the noise in your head, historical assumptions, societal rules, family roles- all keep us from being present in the moment. For many years, with many clients, we have had success with neurofeedback through NeurOptimal®. This unique training supports you in creating space between your thoughts and allows you to make different choices from a place of presence. We’ve seen improvements in high-level executives, children, adults with disabilities, and many others. Neurofeedback can help you and your team become more flexible and resilient in all parts of life, while also furthering the promotion of relaxation and stress management.