Our Approach

Helping organizations, teams, and individuals step into their potential.

No proprietary methods or off-the-shelf solutions. Just an unwavering belief in you, in your team, and the power of more.

We Start With You.

We partner with you and your organization to understand your business and the key issues and challenges that lay between you and your goals. Together we explore the blindspots that will accelerate progress in ways you haven't yet thought of or didn't think were possible.

Meet Our Clients

Then we assemble the right team.

With expertise ranging from change management to brand and business planning, from organizational development to personal coaching, the Taylor Groups’ skill sets and diversity of experience have our clients calling us Portland’s best kept secret.

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Together we design a plan.

Each client’s specific concerns define the work.
We have a wide range of tools to choose from—all designed to help free you up from obstacles and challenges—so you can create the results you want.

One-On-One Consulting

“I’ve seen my clients create clarity in the course of one session. We start from a place of open-ended questioning, and then we hone in on the biggest issues. That’s where the work really starts.”
—Taylor Group Coach

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Team Building

"Our Championship Team program significantly increases the speed at which alignment to business goals can be reached. Not only do many participants report that it is the most impactful leadership development activity or their career, it is a highly leveraged program which delivers a ROI for the company."
—Taylor Group Coach

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“I can’t tell you how powerful the courses were. I was able to delve into an area of my life that I’d avoided, knowing that I had a structure to guide me and a community to report back to. My coursework fundamentally changed how I communicate.”
—Taylor Group Client

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A Simple Approach, With Profound Results

At The Taylor Group, our team of professional coaches are always developing new methods and offerings to bring our clients' game up to a whole new level.

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