About Us

Since 1987, The Taylor Group has helped organizations and individuals to become true leaders: effective, successful, abundant and generous.

Our History

The Taylor Group was established in 1987 as a personal coaching practice dedicated to helping individuals develop mastery in all areas of their lives. Founded by mother-daughter team Carolyn and Jill Taylor, the Taylor Group has evolved with our clients, recruiting new coaches, consultants, and advisors in response to our clients needs. Through it all, we have been guided by a belief that when people are heard and supported—and when they’re willing to do the work—they can achieve more than they’d ever imagined possible.

Our Point of View

We believe that we humans are born with a choice: we can live small, or we can burn bright. The truth is that we have, each of us, only so many trips around the sun. We can spend them in retreat, hiding from our own light, shying away from our immeasurable potential. Or we can step fully into the present, fully realizing our worth, and opening ourselves up to the joy of a life well lived.

At the Taylor Group that’s why we do what we do: because we have absolute and hard-won faith in people’s boundless capacity for growth and we know that the world is better when people are fully, blissfully, abundantly themselves.

We call it being ready for more. More than the minimum. More than the easy way out. And quite often, more than we thought possible.

We’ve been helping people and businesses achieve more for almost 30 years. We know the impact more can have. And we know the journey isn’t always easy. But sometimes, the hardest step is the one that’s most worth taking. And that’s precisely why we’re here.

The Taylor Group. Ready for more. Ready for you.