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Shelly Cooper

With 25 years of experience working in fields of personal and professional development, Shelly oversees the Taylor Group’s daily operations, leads staff development, and works with clients one-on-one and in courses.

Meet Shelly Cooper

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Jill Taylor

Jill is committed to empowering companies and people who are positioned to positively impact social change and to leaders who understand that collaboration and contributing to the community is an essential part of a company’s success.

Meet Jill Taylor

Executive Coach

Liam Mullaney

Liam is a business coach and course leader with a passion for helping people discover better systems, better practices, and most importantly, better communication through individual and team coaching.

Meet Liam Mullaney

Personal Image Specialist

Mindy Crumpacker Dodge

Mindy is all about living your beauty, both inner and outer. By helping clients connect with what is beautiful in themselves and their surroundings, she gives people access to what is empowering, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Meet Mindy Crumpacker Dodge

Neurofeedback Practitioner

Kathy Austin

Kathy has firsthand experience with the healing power of radical self-love and radical self-care. She brings that stance of deep love and empathy to every interaction.

Meet Kathy Austin

Business Coach

Geoff Helzer

Geoff is a business coach with a knack for business development. His experience working in multiple industries gives him unique insights into the needs of any manager or entrepreneur.

Meet Geoff Helzer

Director of Opportunities

Veronica Satalich

As Director of Opportunities, Veronica leads our business development efforts. She is also a coach, drawing from deep experience as an entrepreneur to support the success and fulfillment of individuals and teams.

Meet Veronica Satalich

Administrative & Course Coordinator

Danielle Mason

Danielle is our administrative and course coordinator, designing and maintaining systems for both internal and external clients. She is always seeking the next opportunity to add elegance to efficiency.

Meet Danielle Mason

Vitality Coach

Lori Jorgenson

Lori is a vitality coach, personal trainer, and world-class athlete. Her work is dedicated to the whole person, helping her clients stay focused, healthy, and well as they strive for their next goal.

Meet Lori Jorgenson

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