Success For Now, Skills For The Future Workshop

We’re proud to be partnering with Women to Women network for a special offer next month to help your child succeed with remote learning. Drawing from our Remote Learning Success offer, our own Danielle Mason has distilled some of the essentials into a 2-session workshop on January 5 & 7 that will help you and your child discover the best approach to make remote learning a source of fulfillment and fun for your family. Here’s what those who have already experienced this work are saying:


“Danielle was able to be in my son’s shoes. Using her teaching background, she knew where my son was at developmentally, what instructional content would be good for him, and, what’s needed for him developmentally as a whole person.”


“I have noticed a lot less stress and frustration between myself, my children, and my husband. Now we have clear expectations and how to achieve them in a way that is fun and engaging for all. I am less exhausted when it comes down to having to figure out the new ways of schooling. I’ve learned new ways to engage my children that are more fun from their perspective and less stressful from mine.”

To get an experience of this work and learn how to apply it in your own family, register now.