Spring Into Summer Challenge

Vitality Coach Lori Jorgenson winning the IVF World Sprint Championship in 2004


30 days, 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week

Get moving outdoors!


Our first 30-day challenge begins Monday, April 19 and continues through Sunday, May 16!





Nature is integral to our physical, mental, and emotional well being.  With summer around the corner it’s a great time to prepare for the joy of summer weather and outdoor activities by springing into activities that connect us to nature.  Join in a 30-day journey to create habits for getting in summer shape. Take in the enjoyment of hiking, paddling, biking, or your chosen activity in the amazing outdoors. Lift your spirits and embrace the power of nature on your well being!

Take 15 minutes or more a day (outdoors as much as possible), 5 times a week for 30-days. Gain the many benefits of regular exercise with a boost from nature.  Join the challenge to be with others and add a boost in your step and mood.  Indoor activities count as well, although if you can get in the outdoors rain or shine you’ll get that extra nature support.





This challenge begins Monday, April 19.  You join by sending an email to lori@taylorgroup.com   saying “I am in”. During the 30 days we’ll send you a method to keep track of your progress and receive support from us to keep the momentum going.  We’ll also provide a variety of exercises and information along the way to connect to your inner champion, build resilience and feel energized throughout your day!


Please follow the appropriate exercise guidelines for you so that you are able to enjoy the experience safely.